• Gregory Michiels

Guilin transportation.

Updated: Feb 20, 2018

Map of Guilin transportation :

Guilin bus station located in the city center:

From this bus station you can get the express bus to Yangshuo (+/- 26 RMB),get a ticket at the counter.

Guilin bus station:

Guilin main train station located in the city center:

If you would like to get the high speed train to Xingping,get a ticket to Yangshuo(the high speed train stop is located in Xingping but is called Yangshuo station).The high speed train leaves from Guilin main station or Guilin Bei (north)station

Guilin Bei railway station (Bei means north).

How to get there:Get bus 100 or 99 from the city centre to Guilin bei railway station

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Separated version of Yangshuo or

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